Update on COVID -19 and the Necessary Measures to take.

COVID-19 Case Count per Region

S/N Region Case Count
1 Greater Accra Region 25,265
2 Ashanti Region 11,076
3 Western Region 3,025
4 Eastern Region 2,503
5 Central Region 1,940
6 Bono East Region 787
7 Volta Region 685
8 Western North Region 659
9 Bono Region 619
10 Northern Region 551
11 Ahafo Region 528
12 Upper East Region 359
13 Oti Region 243
14 Upper West Region 90
15 Savannah Region 62
16 North East Region 19


The Ministry of Health has through the Ghana Health Service issued a directive urging all Citizens to wear a Nose mask in all Public places where it is difficult to maintain Social Distancing.

The general public is encouraged to wear a mask covering when going out whether sick or not or attending to a sick person. The incorrect use of the face mask carries a high risk of infection. To avoid the contamination, infection or transmission of the virus, the following instructions are provided;

Procedures of wearing and removing a mask

  • Clean your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer before putting on a mask
  • Ensure that your mask fully covers your mouth and nose with no gaps between your face and mask
  • Avoid touching the mask after you have won it
  • Remove a mask by passing a finger through the loop of the mask behind one ear and lift off without touching the front of the mask- Never Touch The Front Of The Mask
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