Social Mobilization reaches 56,711 children with Polio Vaccine

One hundred and forty-three thousand, four hundred and seventeen people have been reached with Polio messages in the second phase of the Polio Emergency Response in the Northern, Upper East and Greater Accra Regions.

Among this, a total of Fifty- six thousand, Seven Hundred and eleven children between the age of 0 to 59 months were identified to be eligible for the vaccination.

The active Social Mobilization Campaign undertaken from the 11th to 14th September 2019, came after the Ministry of Health pronounced an outbreak of the Poliovirus in Ghana.

Before the discovery of the virus in the Capital on 8th July 2019, Type 2 circulating Polio Virus was confirmed from an environmental sample obtained on 11th June 2019 from a drain in Koblimahgu in the Northern Region.

Data from the Ministry of Health revealed that on 17th August 2019, a polio case in a two-years eight-months-old girl in Chereponi, Northern Region was recorded, triggering a national emergency response including advocacy, communication and social mobilization on vaccination and environmental hygiene.

The Red Cross Society of Ghana as part of its key mandates trained and deployed 336 volunteers in all three regions comprising 186 volunteers in Greater Accra, 80 volunteers in Northern and 70 volunteers in Upper East region, to embark on a social mobilization campaign to create awareness on the distribution of the Polio vaccines.

Activities that were earmarked by the National Society for the campaign was door to door demand generation, community durbars, school sensitization and sensitization in Mosques.

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