Savannah Region: How Red Cross Mothers Support Quadruplet Mother to Deliver Safely at Health Facility

Red Cross Mothers support quadruplet mother to deliver safely at a health facility. The Ghana Red Cross Society (GRCS) in collaboration with the Ghana Health Services (GHS) is implementing Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) Project in 120 needy and hard to reach communities across 10 districts in both Northern and Upper East Regions of Ghana. The community-based intervention, which is being implemented through the use of GRCS Mothers Clubs was intended to complement the government’s efforts to reduce maternal and newborn deaths in the project beneficiary communities.

The activities of these dedicated and committed women have impacted significantly over the years in their respective communities. They promote healthy maternal and child health practices with special emphasis on antenatal care, skilled delivery and postnatal care among others.

The support of these groups of women led to the safe delivery of quadruplets at Tari Health Centre in the North Gonja District of the Savanna Region of Ghana. The Red Cross Mothers in the Singa community identified the pregnant mother. She was taken through the importance of antenatal care and skilled delivery and other maternal related health messages. When the labour signs began to show, the pregnant mother informed the Red Cross mothers. Four of them quickly escorted her to the Tari Health Centre for skilled delivery.

The mother and the 4 babies were immediately referred to the Tamale Teaching Hospital by the midwife for further medical care at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The Northern Regional Secretariat of the Ghana Red Cross Society, led by the Project Coordinator Mr Evans Kevi visited the postnatal mother and the babies at the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital to ascertain the condition of the babies and their mother. The team made donations (cash and non-food items) for the upkeep of the mother and the babies.

Narrating the condition of the mother and the babies, the in-charge of the unit informed the team of the need for additional support to the children with babies feed when they are discharged as the breastmilk of the mother cannot suffice the babies. The Red Cross Mothers will provide the needed support to the mother and babies when they are discharged by ensuring a healthy and hygienic environment to avoid infections. The mother and the babies will also be supported by sanitary materials and food items.

The Ghana Red Cross Society MNCH project is currently operating in nine communities in the North Gonja District of the Savanna Region. These include Dissah, Wawato, Grubagu, Yagbon and Somum. The others are Gbasimpa, Singa, Guo, and Solugu. The efforts of the Red Cross mothers are contributing to positive change to the community behaviour and practices related to maternal and child health.

The GRCS Mothers’ Clubs are groups of trained women volunteers supporting Red Cross activities in their respective communities. They are the agents through which the MNCH activities are implemented. Being knowledgeable, known and respected mothers in their communities they are trusted and able to easily reach out to their fellow mothers thus contributing to maternal and child health in their respective communities.

Credit: Ghana News Agency (GNA).

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