DISASTER RESPONSE AND RELIEFRotary International’s and the Ghana Red Cross Society Heartfelt Response: Standing with Flood Victims in Ghana’s Volta and Eastern Regions

November 15, 20230

In the wake of a devastating natural disaster, Rotary International has exemplified the power of global solidarity by generously extending a helping hand to flood victims in Ghana’s Volta and Eastern regions. The spillage of water from the Akosombo Dam resulted in severe flooding in communities situated in the lower basins, leaving many in distress. In a remarkable display of humanitarian commitment, Rotary International donated a significant amount of GHC 100,000.00 to the Ghana Red Cross Society (GRCS) to support those affected by this calamity.

Rotary International District 9104, which has been actively involved in humanitarian initiatives across Ghana, recognized and paid tribute to the extraordinary humanitarian efforts of the GRCS. This acknowledgment underscores the importance of collaboration between organizations committed to alleviating the suffering of communities in times of crisis.

But the generosity of Rotary International didn’t stop at financial support. The District Governor also shared heartwarming news with the GRCS. He informed them of a dedicated group of professional health volunteers who are ready and willing to provide essential health services to the flood-affected individuals as part of their support. This added layer of assistance, coupled with the promise of additional resources through Rotary International’s extensive networks, signifies a truly comprehensive and compassionate response.

The Ghana Red Cross Society responded with heartfelt gratitude and a solemn pledge to effectively manage the relief efforts. Speaking on behalf of GRCS, the Ag Secretary-General expressed appreciation for Rotary International’s trust in their ability to oversee this critical process. Their commitment to utilizing every available resource to provide maximum assistance to the flood victims demonstrates their unwavering dedication to the cause.

In a significant step towards formalizing their long-term collaboration, Rotary International and the GRCS have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. This agreement not only cements their partnership but also ensures that future initiatives will be executed with even greater efficiency and impact.

The response of Rotary International to the flood tragedy in Ghana’s Volta and Eastern regions stands as a testament to the remarkable spirit of compassion, unity, and global support. It showcases the potential for organizations to come together to address humanitarian challenges, offering hope and relief to those most in need during their darkest hours. Rotary International’s dedication to making a difference is a shining example of the profound impact of collective action and the difference it can make in the lives of countless individuals affected by natural disasters.

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