Regional Mother’s Club facilitator forum held in Sunyani

A regional Mother’s club facilitators, forum has been organised for the regional mothers of the Ghana Red Cross Society in Sunyani. The purpose of the meeting was to meet the women to discuss issues affecting their programmes and also take decision to help the executives run the affairs for the development of the club.

The mother’s club was formed to train mothers in their regions and communities and also to provide them with the materials needed to help them take good care of themselves and their children.

Regional Mothers Club facilitators from the regions attended the forum. At the forum, Mr. Obeng National First Aid Coordinator advised that first aid programmes should once a while be organized for the mothers to take them through the training and also give them other motivational materials to work and also do community cleaning and other health educations in general.

He also went further to explain that the collaboration between the various regions and their districts mother’s club facilitators has poor communication towards the programme and its activities and therefore measures are to be taken to improve the communication between these regions and their mothers club facilitators.

The Vice President of the Ghana Red Cross Society, Dr. Jacob Abebrese as part of his working tour in the Region addressed the mothers and drew their attention to the fact that their lamentations have reached the National Headquarters, he said explain that, there have been massive changes in the Ghana Red Cross society, at the headquarters and some regional offices but it was unfortunate that The mothers club are facing certain temporal challenges.

He further stated that it was not of best interest for the various ranks to work in isolation, they are all linked together and working hand in hand, In the districts they should know who tasks should be reported to ”The good work Red Cross is doing should be acknowledged everywhere in the country. The harm had already been caused and it was our duty to protect what is left”.

At the forum, resolutions were made by the executives that the mothers’ club facilitator should be a council member and the involvement of mothers’ clubs facilitators in meetings and decision making at all levels.

The forum members suggested that there should be a reporting system that works directly from the district to regions and to the head office, that way it will be easier for the heads to know when there is a broken link so that measures will be taken to correct and fix these hindrances.

They also agreed that there should be monitoring and reporting format for the regional mother’s clubs facilitators for visiting the districts and communities. It was also brought to the notice at the forum that, communication is something that is hindering the work between the regional MCFs and their managers and the district MCFs. The communication must continue to the district level so that there will be free flow of information’s and other things necessary.

In his last statement Dr. Abebrese opined to the women that they are the executive leaders of the mothers club and urged them not to stick to the status quo and always challenge the works that were being done with the interest of knowing every details and questioning them and with well organisation, proper planning, well coordination, control, proper monitoring and evaluations the mothers club facilitator is going to be a success.

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