Red Cross holds Youth Camp in the Upper West Region

About 100 youths from all over the country participated in this year’s biennial youth camp meeting organized by Red Cross society of Ghana in the Upper West region. The camp was held under the theme, “Rekindling the volunteer sprit for humanitarian action”.

The theme was aimed at sustaining the interest of the Ghanaian youth through volunteerism in the country. This year’s youth camp targeted on health education in selected areas in the Upper West Region under the project name “Mecfa”.  The camp meeting was to train the youth in Leadership Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills, First Aid, Health Promotions and Community Development Skills to ensure that the youths are able to educate their communities on how to manage disasters and also to reduce risks of disasters in the community.

In a speech read by the Deputy Regional Minster for the Upper West, Dr. Mohammed Mushiebu Alfa, said, it is very sad that the youth in the country are fast losing the spirit of volunteering. He also went ahead to state that due to the sudden craze for money in the society, the youth has turned up to be an individual society just thinking about money and this attitude must be put to a stop.

Dr. Alfa commended the Ghana Red Cross society for holding the youth camp there for the first time in the Upper West region stating that this could be a gateway for the Upper West region to market itself to other parts of Ghana and the outside world. At the opening of the camp meeting, Red Cross was encouraged to create the awareness on the effects of HIV/AIDS and its prevention amongst the youth.

The Secretary General for the Ghana Red Cross Society, Mr. Samuel Kofi Addo, with his team comprising Mr Alex Lanbon (Finance and Administrative Manager), Mr. Francis Obeng (First Aid Coordinator, Mr Louis Anopong Okyere ( Communications Manager) was at the camp

Mr. Addo, advised the youth to take the trainings at the camp very serious and must also show a spirit of volunteerism in to support the Society, he said they should gain more information from the Health Department to get the massages on Cholera, Ebola among others so that when need arises they can bring to bear the t skills and that they should take it serious. He recommended them for their time invested in the camp especially those travelling from far to attend the camp.

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