Corporate Members


This is open to organization firms and other bodies who identifies them selfs with the society's, philosophies, humanitarian services with a fee ranges in the following category of membership and shall be renewed every year.

GHC 3000.00 Sign up
GHC 1500.00 Sign up
GHC 1000.00 Sign up
Life Member

One Time Premium

GHC 2000.00

This is open to members who pay a one time premium of GHC 2000.00 to become members of Ghana Red Cross for life.


Junior Members


GHC 5.00

This is open to youths in the ages between 6 years to 14 years old; they shall pay annual dues of GHC 5. Children in school up to Juniour high fall under this category



GHC 100.00

This membership is open to people who are willing to support Ghana Red Cross and also participate directly in the affair of the society. they shall pay an annual fee of GHC 100.00.

General Members


GHC 10.00

This is open to young people who are in the ages of 15 years and above. Out of school and adults int he society shall pay annual dues of GHC 10. This includes senior high schools, tertiary institutions and adults in society.