MasterCard Foundation Supports Ghana Red Cross Society in Its COVID-19 Response

The MasterCard Foundation has supported the Ghana Red Cross Society (GRCS) in its response against the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

The MasterCard Foundation based in Canada has given the GRCS an amount of $645,000 for its operations in areas including risk communications, social mobilization, hardware and kits supply as well as organizational development.

Mr Sameul Kofi Addo, General Secretary General of GRCS, in his address at the national launch of its response announced that the support from the MasterCard Foundation would see four regions including Western, Volta, Central and Ashanti Region benefit from the support.

We are grateful to the MasterCard Foundation for this life-saving support and we at the GRCS would make sure funds are used for its desired purpose in the four selected regions.

“It is important for us to strengthen our action steps, strengthening and building community resilience against the Covid-19 pandemic.

He appealed to corporate organizations to channel their support through the GRCS who specialize in disaster management.

Mr Kwesi Djokoto, Deputy Volta Regional Director of Public Health and Chairman for the occasion said that “The response to Covid-19 is not something only meant for the Health Service. We would have fallen flat if it were to be.

“So I want to thank the MasterCard Foundation for this important initiative and it further underlines the collaboration that has been going on in the region.

After the launch of the national response, some Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPEs) including face masks and sanitizers donated to some market women at the Ahoe market in Ho.

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