August 2, 2023

As a leading volunteer based humanitarian organisation in Ghana and also an auxiliary to government, the Ghana Red Cross Society continuous to  compliment the government’s efforts in the areas of social interventions ( eg distrubtion of food packs, emergency Response, Health education, social mobilization, risk communication, media sensitisation, community engagement and Water Sanitation and Hygiene Project(Ghana-WASH) in communities.

Disaster Situation

On 20th January 2022, a large blast occurred in an area at Apiati community, near the city of Bogoso about 300km (180 miles) west of the capital of Ghana, Accra. The explosion occurred when a motorcycle went under a truck carrying explosives that was en route to the gold mine at Bogoso. After the blasts,  people in the community rushed down to the scene when a second blast occurred few minutes later. This resulted in the destruction of dozens of buildings.

As of 22nd January, a total of 17 people had been confirmed dead, and some 59 injured people rescued and referred to Bogoso Government Hospital where they are receiving treatment. As of 26th January, 3,300 persons (1,122 males and 2,178 females) have been affected by the event, excluding those who were at the various health centers. 

Reports from the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) indicates that 500 buildings have been destroyed by the blasts and approximately 1,500 people are now homeless. The explosion blew-off major roads in the area, with many commuters getting stranded due to the situation. Schools, markets and other services at community level were equally impacted, disrupting activities as children can no longer go to school and community members have lost their livelihoods.

Current Resposnse by GRCS

Ghana Red Cross Society (GRCS) immediately activated its District Disaster Response Teams (DDRTs) from nearby districts and deployed 52 team members in Tarkwa and Prestea with the team led by Regional Manager. Some activities carried out include psychosocial support services to approximately 200 people at the Parish Hall in Bogoso, first aid to 59 injured people, search & rescue and evacuation. These activities were jointly implemented with the National Ambulance Service, Fire Fighters and the NADMO. Data for the search, rescue and evacuation are yet to be consolidated.

The National Society’s Disaster Management Department initiated a process of dispatching 20 shelter kits and 40 family tents to cover at least 300 displaced people camped at a relief centre at Bogoso town. These shelters have been mounted at two locations within the municipality. The women and children have been housed at the St. Michael Catholic Parish Hall in Bogoso, while the males were sheltered at the Bogoso Golden Hotel Conference Hall (Old site). GRCS seeks replenishment of distributed items through this DREF operation.

The explosion has indeed affected all members of the community relatively (directly or indirectly) and has caused a strain in their ability to cope with the situation and desperately need support in different sectors.

Targeted Intervention.

Considering that affected people have varied levels of vulnerability and that there are other partners on the ground, Ghana Red Cross Society with a funding support of 172, 246.00 from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent and will focus its initial intervention to target affected families including those injured and in hospitals. As such, the NS will target 2,000 people (400 households) directly affected by the explosion in the community of Apiati with first aid services, Shelter, psychosocial first aid and family tracing, as well as hygiene promotion, health messaging and awareness and eventually supported to cover basic needs through a one-off unrestricted cash disbursement.  

It is our fevent believe that these DREF support will go along way to help the Apiati Community and to console about the unfortunate incident which saw the entire community devastated, lives being lost, hundreds of buildings destroyed,  human trapped under debris is something beyond human comprehension.

Ladies and Gentlemen I thank you all for coming to  this important event and it is my sincere wish  that this great joint effort to serve the vulnerable in communities in Ghana  will countinue to foster more collaboration to acheive the well needed result for mankind.

Once again Thank you.

4th  February  2022

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