GRCS to constructs one hundred 2-bedroom housing units for flood victims

Mr Kwame Gyimah Akwafo, President of Ghana Red Cross Society (GRCS), has said his outfit with support from Swiss Red Cross would be constructing one hundred 2-bedroom housing units for affected flood victims in some parts of the Upper East Region.

This, he said, would hopefully alleviate their burden.

Mr Akwafo said the new structures would add up to the previous one hundred 2-bedroom housing units constructed at the Kologu-Zuo, Kologuo-Torand Doba in the Region.

He said the heavy rain that fell between 6th and 12th October this year damaged many houses and rendered many homeless in the region.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Mr Akwafo said a joint assessment by the GRCS and the National Disaster Management (NADMO) said 19 deaths were recorded and a total of 26,083 people were affected and out of which 10, 890 were children.

He said the report calls for the urgent delivery of items such as food, water, mattress, blankets, and beds which were provided by the GRCS with the assistance of Swiss Red Cross to the affected victims.

Mr Akwafo said the GRCS has over 65,200 volunteers, 50 staff and 10 regional offices across the country working effectively to provide all the necessary support to the flood victims to enhance their living condition.

“With regards to the floods in the Upper East Region, GRCS has engaged 100 volunteers who are conducting health and hygiene promotion effort and assist with data collection for assessment. However, due to lack of adequate materials, it has not been able to provide an additional support to the other affected communities” he said.

Mr Akwafo said the International Federation of Red Cross Crescent Societies has also made contributions to support the affected flood victims across the country.

He called on the public and all corporate institutions to support the effort with relief items and funds to enable the Red Cross to reach out to all affected families.

“The overall objectives of the operation is to provide rapid life-saving support to 600 households completely displaced and 4333 and partially affected by floods focusing on shelter, wash and health interventions through social mobilization and the distribution of food items,” he said.

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