DISASTER RESPONSE AND RELIEFHEALTH AND FIRST AIDGhana RedCross Society supports flood-displaced families in Volta Region with 100 emergency shelter kits

November 2, 20230

Following the disastrous floods brought on by the Akosombo Dam spill, the Ghana Red Cross Society has increased its efforts to give displaced people the critical help they need.

Acknowledging the pressing need for shelter, the group moved quickly to distribute 100 emergency shelter kits in order to relieve the increasing demand at evacuation centers, especially in North Tongu and other impacted areas of the area.

Hundreds of families have been forced to evacuate their homes due to floods brought on by the discharge of the Akosombo Dam, and they are now in severe need of basic supplies. In order to solve this urgent humanitarian situation, the Ghana Red Cross Society, which is renowned for its efficient disaster response, took action.

The 100 emergency shelter kits come with everything needed to give the displaced families a safe and secure place to sleep, including mosquito nets, strong tents, and other necessities.

These kits are intended to provide individuals who have lost their houses in this extraordinary natural disaster with comfort and instant assistance.

The Ghana Red Cross Society’s National Disaster Manager, Mr. Jonathan Hope, underlined the significance of acting quickly in these circumstances.

“Our main goal is to help individuals impacted by the floods as soon as possible. These emergency shelter kits are an essential component of our response plan, he said, making sure that families have a safe and respectable place to remain during this trying time.

The Ghana Red Cross Society is spearheading a larger relief effort that involves the delivery of food and non-food items, medical supplies, and shelter kits to impacted villages.

Together with other humanitarian partners and local authorities, the organization is putting up endless effort to make sure that individuals affected by the floods get the assistance they require to start the process of reconstructing their lives.

The Ghana Red Cross Society acknowledged that its tireless efforts bear witness to the fortitude and resiliency of communities coming together in the face of hardship and stated that it is still dedicated to offering the impacted families ongoing assistance and support as the situation develops.  “While the response to the devastating floods in the Volta Region has been heartening, the sheer volume of relief items pouring into evacuation centers has led to unforeseen challenges in distribution,” noted Jonathan Hope, National Disaster Manager of the Ghana Red Cross Society. In addition to dealing with the consequences of the floods, evacuees now have to make sure that necessary supplies are distributed fairly and effectively.

It’s a challenging circumstance. People’s generosity is demonstrated by the enormous number of donations they have received. But it has been quite difficult to make sure that each evacuee gets what they require in a well-organized manner.” The distribution method occasionally results in instances of confusion and disarray, as seen by what I saw in the St. Kizito evacuation center. The confluence of a restricted workforce and a large demand for humanitarian supplies has presented logistical challenges for the organizers. I believe that in order to guarantee that persons with disabilities receive fair and transparent treatment and assistance, the distribution of relief supplies needs to be carefully planned.

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