Ghana Red Cross Volunteers conduct baseline survey in 10 districts in Eastern and Ashanti Regions

Ghana Red Cross Society(GRCS) is to start its first Global Water and Sanitation (WASH) Initiative project, with plans to scale-up into “flagship“ concept, integrating Disaster Risk Reduction, Nutrition, and Reproduction Maternal Newborn Child Health components, while the Rapid Mobile Phone-based system will be used to collect and analyze data, and measure progress and impact.

An initial site evaluation and identification was conducted, including mapping and screening of over 340 communities in Ashanti and Eastern regions of Ghana based on predefined criteria. A baseline survey for Water and Sanitation, Disaster Risk Reduction, and nutrition components is conducted in selected sites in the two regions.

A five member team from the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) namely Zakari Issa, Lorne Nicholas Gerhard Tauscher, Abel Augustino, Meghan O’Hearn are in Ghana to collaborate with Ghana Red Cross Society in the two regional branches and will mobilize volunteers (in 10 districts) in readiness for orientation/training for the volunteer to go into the community to do data collection.

The team on the field will perform the following functions,

Zakari Issa: Survey coordinator, Technical oversight and coordination, Information/communication management, Focus on the operational needs in the field and Logistics management and Maintain relationship with stakeholders and National Society.

Lorne Nicholas: An Intern will, Support to survey coordinator, stakeholder mapping, document stakeholders’ feedback where applicable, back stopping reporting and lessons learnt documentation.

Gerhard Tauscher: WASH and survey surge support, field level activities coordinator, training of National Society volunteers/staffs (Master trainer), supervision of field activities and support survey planning.

Abel Augustino: In-country WASH and survey support, coordination of proper documentation and reporting to allow for lessons learnt and Standard of Operation documentation, supervision of survey teams, support survey planning and backstopping volunteers training.

Meghan O’Hearn: Nutrition and survey surge support, support quality implementation/data cleaning of the baseline survey, supervision of survey teams, backstopping volunteers training, support survey planning, coping of the RMNCH and nutrition-specific needs in the target communities

Thomas Aapore: Ghana Red Cross Society – Health Coordinator, supervision of survey teams, support survey planning, back stopping reporting and documentation

Cyril Amegashie: Ghana Red Cross Society – Data Management Officer Supervision of survey teams, Support volunteers training, Support survey planning

GRCS Regional Managers on regular bases will liaise with the districts and or regional local government authorities/technical agencies and feedback to the survey team and Ghana Red Cross Society health coordinator.

Red Cross Branches will identify and confirm volunteers’ selection meeting pre-agreed criteria with IFRC teams, Roll out the full baseline survey, Organise project planning sessions, Organise project validation sessions with Nestlé GH and relevant stakeholders.

The main objective of the Baseline Survey is to roll out Quality Assurance Monitoring and Implementation to have data available for Analysis and the Information are shared and coordination done with Nestlé-GH and relevant stakeholders.

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