Ghana Red Cross under takes Relief Operations to support Families and Communities affected by the Northern Floods – October 2018

The recent heavy rains in the North and the Spilling of the Waters in the Bagre Dam in Burkina Faso caused massive disruptions in the lives of the People and Communities in the Northern, Upper East and Upper West regions.
Lives were lost (over 15 deaths have so far been officially recorded). Destroyed also were Houses and other Properties. Livelihoods including thousands of hectares of farmlands were also not spared the destruction.
Ghana Red Cross executing its mandate of providing relief and humanitarian support to the vulnerable during Emergencies and Disasters as a Government auxiliary launch an appeal to its partners to enable it provide support to the most vulnerable victims identified during its needs assessment.

Swiss Red Cross, a Partner National Society of Ghana Red Cross responded positively. This support has resulted in the following relief response by the National Society.

The Ghana Red Cross undertook a rapid needs assessment of the most affected communities in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO). The objective was to provide evidence based data to support planning, decision-making and appropriate support for the affected. The Red Cross trained volunteers in the communities are currently providing Emergency First Aid.
Based on the Needs assessment, the National Society decided to focus on the following areas using the Swiss Red Cross Support. In the Northern region the support covers the following districts; kassena –Nankana, Bulsa North, Binduri, Talensi and Garu Tempane. In the Northern region the support targets Central and Norther Gonja districts. In all 2000, families (average of 5 persons per family) are benefiting.

So far temporary shelter has been provided to a few of the most affected families. In the Upper East region, a total of twenty (20) family tents were pitched for sixteen (16) most affected families in Kologu Zuo and Kologu Tor. These affected families were sleeping in a Community Centre and a School respectively. The Vice President of Ghana, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia who also donated some food and non-food items to the communities on seeing the temporary shelter commended the Red Cross for the shelter support to the two communities.

Transporting Shelter kits to affected communities Leader of CDPRT in Adape receiving the kits
In Sandema North District, four (04) most affected families as a result of the torrential rainfall also benefitted from the tents.
The destroyed house of a family in Sandema. Temporary shelter for the displaced family Sandema
Furthermore, thirty (30) families in four communities have been assisted with shelter kits. The communities are, Adape (a DRR community), Nyame ndaaye, Avogome, and Camp.

Shelter kits provided for temporary refuge after the floods
In addition to the Shelter support, the Ghana Red Cross has deployed Volunteers to the affected communities on social mobilization for promotion of Personal Hygiene and sanitation towards Epidemic prevention and Control. The volunteers’ activities include house-to-house campaigns, Community durbars and Community Radio talks and programs with Phone in sessions.

To add up to the above activities, Ghana Red Cross under the Swiss Red Cross Support is currently providing the under listed Nonfood Relief items to 2200 families ( Average of 5 persons per family.
I. Key Soap ———— 10,0000 pcs
II. Blankets ————- 4000 pcs
III. Mats …………. …….4000 pcs
IV. Plastic Buckets (20 Lt) with lid ————- 2500 pcs
In the Upper East the support covers 1700 families and in the Northern Region 500 families. The items are already in the field and are pre-positioned for distribution.

Further to the Swiss Red Cross support, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has also approved support of Relief items to cover 1000 families. The package also includes Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programs (WASH). Volunteers will mobilize the community and sensitize them on Wash. In addition, contaminated boreholes will be decontaminated and the broken down ones repaired.

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