August 2, 2023


The Ghana Red Cross Society will conduct a nationwide sensitization of the National Polio Vaccination campaign to increase awareness of the exercise

The Ghana Health Service is conducting the campaign from Thursday to Sunday to immunize children under the age of five across the nation against Type Two poliovirus in an effort to stop the disease’s spread.

Volunteers from the Ghana Red Cross Society will participate in the exercise with public awareness raising throughout the week to support the government’s efforts to provide care for 6.9 million under-five children nationwide.

At a news conference held in Accra yesterday [October 4, 2022], the president of the Ghana Red Cross Society, Kwame Gyimah-Akwafo, announced the mobilization of 400 volunteers to hard-to-reach communities nationwide to raise awareness of the Ghana Health Service’s polio vaccination program.

According to him, the goal of the campaign is to persuade parents to enable their under-five children to receive polio immunization.

In order to mobilize families with children under five years old for the polio vaccine campaign, volunteers will perform door-to-door family interactions prior to the campaign, according to Mr. Gyimah-Akwafo.

He stated that each volunteer was required to contact 150 houses in the three days before the campaign’s launch and that they would be able to reach over 60,000 households nationwide thanks to their volunteer network.

“The volunteers must also carry out mop-up tasks, including visiting homes to look for lost youngsters. To vaccinate the children who were missed, vaccine providers will be asked to visit these homes, or volunteers will accompany the children to the closest medical facility.

“This is anticipated to help the government reach its goal of 6.9 million children nationwide. This campaign represents a significant turning point in our efforts to control the continuing polio outbreak in Ghana, according to the president of the Ghana Red Cross Society.

The sensitization, according to Mr. Gyimah-Akwafo, was essential because it would guarantee that people would be receptive and participate in the polio vaccine.

In order for the government to reach its goal of immunizing six million children nationwide, he said, “this is crucial.”

He commended the volunteers for their tremendous work on the campaign, stressing that it was an important step in ensuring that the public got quality healthcare services for the Ghana Red Cross Society and other stakeholders.


The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and the Coca-Cola Foundation is funding the initiative, according to the president of the Ghana Red Cross Society

The president of the Ghana Red Cross also said that the methods for stopping the spread of polioviruses have proven effective over time and urged people to join the battle against the polio epidemic and other public health catastrophes.

The Ghana Red Cross Society will continue to support the government’s initiatives in the fields of social interventions, such as emergency response, health education, social mobilization, risk communication, media sensitization, community engagement, and the Water Sanitation and Hygiene Project (Ghana-WASH) in communities, he said.

Noor Pwani, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent’s coordinator of programs, reaffirmed the organization’s commitment to providing its members with the financial and technical assistance they need to carry out humanitarian work.
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