Ghana Red Cross Society holds Governance and Orientation Workshop

The Red Cross Society of Ghana has held an orientation workshop for its newly elected Board Members and Management Staff to apprise them of their roles and responsibilities for their two-year term.

The two-day orientation came off, Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th September 2019 at Koforidua, in the Eastern Region.

The programme was facilitated by the Head of Policy, Strategy and Knowledge for IFRC, Mr. Samuel Asamoah and the Regional Movement Cooperation Adviser for ICRC, Ms. Wangari Kiluva.

In his presentation, Mr. Samuel Asamoah dilated on the topic National Society Development framework-2013 and called members to work to achieve and maintain an organization that will consistently deliver through its volunteers and staff.

He entreated the national society to urgently focus on diversifying and to look for a sustainable domestic support and to provide service to vulnerable people as the key driver to promoting effective national Society image.

Mr. Asamoah said for the national society to become effective, it should have a strong leadership, of which management is an integral part, with the primary responsibility to grow the national society.

To ensure high-level performance and efficient operating and prudent financial management. Mr. Asamoah advised that the Board should be availed of all activities, regular and annual reporting to fully strengthen the society.

He said the optimal relationship between Board and Management should be strong and mutually reinforcing. A well-functioning Board needs a strong Management team and a strong Management team, a strong Board and the senior manager, the Chief Executive officer, he asserted.

The Board and Secretary General should recognize that optimal relationship is a partnership and therefore clearly defined roles, responsibilities and lines of authority and the Board members formulating the mission and policies for management to achieve the goals of the society.

Mr. Asamoah asked the national society to develop a risk management framework to help the society to envisage all forms of risk within its activities and take the necessary steps to combat them. The Board should again institute a code of conduct to ensure integrity at work, he advised.

Ms. Kiluva said it was important as a National Society, to inculcate the principles of the Red Cross Movement into the everyday activities of both members and the society.

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