Ghana Red Cross calls for review of act that established the society

The President of the Ghana Red Cross Society, Mr Kwame Gyima-Akwafo, has called for the review of Act 10 of 1958, the act that established the Society in the country.

He was speaking to the media at a two-day governance orientation workshop organised by the Ghana Red Cross Society for its newly elected executives in Koforidua.

The workshop was also intended to build the capacity of the participants on governance and expose them to certain targets and strategic directions of the Society.

Mr Akwafo said the workshop will also afford the Red Cross the opportunity to do a self-examination and appraisal to position themselves to be able to better serve the nation.

He said the Society currently lacks needed resources and called for a meaningful framework to enable the society to mobilize resources to serve communities better.

Mr Akwarfo said the Society is currently not getting much governmental support but they are engaging with some public institutions including the Ministry of Health and have had some positive response.

He said the Ghana Red Cross Society will forever insist that government open doors so that they will be able to get more resources.

Mr Akwarfo said the Society has survived based on the benevolent support from external sources such as the International Federation of the Red Cross, the International Community of the Red Cross and the Red Cross community Worldwide.

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