Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 In Ghana Rises To Sixteen (16) As At 20 March 2020 – 09:45GMT

As at 19th March 2020, Ghana has confirmed five (5) new COVID-19 positive cases. All five were reported from Greater Accra Region.

29-year-old Ghanaian lady; resident of Accra; no history of travel; sample confirmed positive in the laboratory

A 34-year-old Ghanaian lady resident of Accra; contact of a confirmed case at her place of work; sample confirmed positive in the laboratory

53-year-old Ghanaian male, resident of Tema; no history of travel, no evidence of close contact with a confirmed case; sample confirmed positive in the laboratory

41-year-old Ghanaian male; arrived in Ghana by KLM on the 15 March 2020; indicated exposure with family members in Amsterdam exhibiting respiratory symptoms and also on the flight with some passengers sneezing and coughing; sample confirmed positive in the laboratory.

36-year-old Ghanaian male; resident of Paris, France; date of arrival in Ghana unconfirmed; no evidence of contact with an infected person;

This brings to a total of sixteen (16) confirmed cases in Ghana, with no death.

Contact tracing has been initiated in all these confirmed cases.

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