August 2, 2023


As a leading volunteer based humanitarian organisation in Ghana and also an auxiliary to government, the Ghana Red Cross Society continuous to  compliment the government’s efforts in the areas of social interventions ( eg distrubtion of food packs, emergency Response, Health education, social mobilization, risk communication, media sensitisation, community engagement and Water Sanitation and Hygiene Project(Ghana-WASH) in communities.

The COVID-19 pandemic is both a public health emergency and a humanitarian crisis that is greatly impacting the lives, health, and livelihoods of people around the world. The Sustainable Development Goals 2020 progress report highlights that the COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed an unprecedented crisis causing further disruption to SDG progress with the poorest and most vulnerable most affected.

From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ghana Red Cross Society (GRCS) in collaboration with International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) and its Member Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies have demonstrated solidarity with the people and communities affected by what is an unprecedented situation in recent history. Combining expertise as health and humanitarian actors that work in their own communities, the GRCS and its partners have provided a global outlook and tools, combined with a local presence and domestic response. In our mandate as auxiliaries to the public health authorities, GRCS have been well placed to respond to COVID-19 and have worked tirelessly to complement the actions taken by the governments. GRCS continue to provide support for the most affected communities and particularly the most vulnerable and hard to reach groups.

Ghana Red Cross Society (GRCS) has been involved at all levels since the COVID-19 was declared an outbreak in the country. GRCS is involved in all the strategic thematic groups meeting such as Risk communication and social mobilization. Currently, GRCS focuses on risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) and social mobilization activities, ensuringvaccines reach the most vulnerable, building trust, and engaging communities in a two-way dialogue so they have accurate information and relevant tools to protect themselves are essential elements in the Red Cross and Red Crescent’s contribution to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana. Volunteers, community health workers, influencers and leaders play a crucial role in reaching often inaccessible and disenfranchised populations and providing life-saving services adapted to their needs.

Today Coca Cola Foundation as a partner is donating $150,000.00 dollars to Ghana Red Cross Society to carry out its humanitarian services to support the Ghana Government to reach out to areas where vaccination has still not been done in the country. This project with the Coca-Cola Foundation “Stop The Spread Fund” to support communities reduce transmission of the virus through the delivery of key outputs on vaccine distribution, PPEs and awareness efforts promoting vaccination and sanitary practices to reduce the spread will go a long way to stop the spread.

The Ghana Red Cross Society (GRCS) under its COVID-19 Vaccination Plan will support the Ghanaian MoH reach an overall 6,070,000 people (approx. 30% of the national target), in remote areas where access to information is limited, awareness sessions will be held on COVID-19 vaccinations and PHSM (Public Health and Social Measures to prevent COVID-19 transmission), providing accurate information through trusted channels of communication. To build and maintain trust, and to ensure activities are localised and relevant, community members will be supported to lead on implementing solutions that will help to prevent the spread of infection and promote acceptance and uptake of the vaccine. Ghana Red Cross Society will use its unparalleled access to communities to access hard-to-reach areas for registration of eligible people and support the delivery of vaccines. This action will also support health facilities to open new outreach services to reach last mile communities as needed.

Ladies and Gentlemen I thank you all for coming to  this important event and it is my sincere wish  that this great joint effort to serve the vulnerable in communities in Ghana  will countinue to foster more collaboration to acheive the well needed result for mankind.

Once again Thank you.

7th April  2022
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