Another Sea Erosion is expected to impact Ketu South, according to the Mateo Agency

August 2, 2023

According to sources, tidal waves are predicted to reach roughly five settlements along the coast of the Ketu South Municipality shortly.

According to information distributed by community announcers as mandated by the Ghana Meteorological Agency, communities like Amutsi, Salakorpe, Adina, and Agavedzi, among others, may be impacted by the waves.

 Maxwell Lugudor, the MCE for the region, has been holding talks with Chiefs, Assembly Members, and community members since the morning to convey the coming danger to them and the necessity for them to evacuate to higher land before the impending calamity.

“We’re presently working with the Red Cross International for temporary tents to be fixed ahead of time,” Mr. Lugudor stated in an interview at Salakorpe during one of the Community interactions.

He also committed to including the NADMO, Security Agencies, and the Municipal Fire Service in preparation for a calamity, if it occurs as anticipated.

Kumawu Sylvester, Assembly Member for Amutinu/ Salakope Electoral Area, verified the report, saying, “We warn the people living near the sea to abandon their houses, pack their possessions, and seek sanctuary with friends and family to avoid loss of property and possible casualties.”

They are collaborating with the Assembly, he claims, after receiving “information this morning that the tidal floods may occur again today.”
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